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1 x Powkiddy RGB20S Tempered Glass SCREEN PROTECTOR Handheld Game Retro Film Gaming Pocket Arcade

1 x Powkiddy RGB20S Tempered Glass SCREEN PROTECTOR Handheld Game Retro Film Gaming Pocket Arcade

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Unleash Unrivaled Protection: Unveiling the Powkiddy RGB20S Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Ultimate Protection and Immersive Gameplay!

Introducing our Powkiddy RGB20S Tempered Glass Screen Protector – a premium accessory designed to elevate your gaming experience and safeguard your Powkiddy RGB20S handheld device. This screen protector goes beyond basic protection, offering a range of features to enhance clarity and ensure long-lasting durability.


💪Superior Durability: Crafted from tempered glass, this screen protector provides super-strong protection against scratches, impacts, and daily wear and tear. It acts as a robust shield for your Powkiddy RGB20S, preserving its pristine display.

🔪Anti-Scratch Technology: Engineered with advanced anti-scratch technology, the screen protector resists scratches effectively, ensuring a clear and blemish-free display over time. Say goodbye to worries about accidental scratches compromising your gaming visuals.

🎈Ultra-Light Design: Despite its strength, the ultra-light design of the tempered glass adds minimal weight to your device, preserving its portability. Enjoy the added protection without sacrificing the convenience of a lightweight gaming experience.

📲High-Transparency: Immerse yourself in a clear, unobstructed, and sharp view of your Powkiddy RGB20S display. The high-transparency of the tempered glass enhances the vibrancy of colors and ensures an optimal gaming and viewing experience.

🛠️Effortless Installation: Experience a smooth and bubble-free installation process. The adhesive layer ensures a seamless application, allowing the protector to glide onto your Powkiddy RGB20S effortlessly.

🧩Enhanced Clarity and Precise Fit: Further enhancing your experience, the screen protector features enhanced clarity and a precise fit that covers the screen without interfering with buttons or sensors.

👆Anti-Fingerprint Layer: An additional layer prevents the accumulation of dirt and fingerprints on the screen. Keep your display clean and enjoy optimal visibility, ensuring that your gaming visuals are always crystal clear.

🛡️Shatterproof Design and Easy Maintenance: Guard against accidental impacts with the shatterproof design, reducing the risk of screen breakage. The easy maintenance of the tempered glass ensures that your Powkiddy RGB20S screen remains smooth and clear with minimal effort.

🕰️Long-Lasting Performance: Built with high-quality materials, the tempered glass screen protector is engineered for long-lasting performance, extending the lifespan of your Powkiddy RGB20S by providing reliable protection over time.

Elevate your gaming experience and protect your investment with the Powkiddy RGB20S Tempered Glass Screen Protector – the perfect blend of strength, clarity, and functionality!


  • Type: PowKiddy Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Model: PowKiddy
  • Colour: Clear
  • Screen Size: 8.89cm


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