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10000mAH-30000mAH 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker Real Time Tracking Vehicle Car AU

10000mAH-30000mAH 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker Real Time Tracking Vehicle Car AU

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Rechargeable Battery

Empower Your Security: Unleash the Potential of Advanced 4G Real-Time GPS Tracking for Ultimate Peace of Mind!

Introducing our Advanced 4G Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker. This Tracker is a cutting-edge tracking device that operates seamlessly within the existing 4G LTE network and leverages the precision of GPS satellites. This technology allows for remote location and monitoring of targets through SMS, mobile applications, and web tracking software.



Utilizing a combination of GPS and LBS positioning methods, this tracker incorporates the most advanced location-tracking technologies. Additionally, its design includes a robust built-in magnet, facilitating easy and secure installation on various vehicles, including cars and trucks, or any target with a metal interface.


4G Full Netcom Network: Utilizes the 4G network for fast and reliable communication, ensuring seamless tracking and data transmission.

Real-Time Tracking: Tracks the target vehicle in real-time, updating the location every 20 seconds (configurable to any desired interval, with a minimum of 3 seconds).

History Route Playback: Allows users to view the historical movement of the tracked vehicle, providing location history for up to 90 days.

Geofence: Enables the creation of virtual boundaries, triggering alerts when the tracked vehicle enters or exits the specified areas.

Overspeed Alarm: Sends alerts to the user when the tracked vehicle exceeds a specified speed limit.

Tamper Alarm (Drop Alarm): Activates if the tracker is removed or falls off, providing an anti-tamper mechanism.

Electronic Fence: Establishes an electronic fence to prevent risks and automatically detects dynamic risks within 100 meters of the surrounding environment.

Vibration Alarm: Sends alerts for abnormal activities such as collisions or scratches, enhancing security measures.

Blind Area Data Store: Retransmits stored data if the GPS signal is lost, ensuring continuous tracking even in areas with poor satellite reception (e.g., tunnels).

20-Second Interval Tracking: Stay updated with precise location tracking, capturing your vehicle's movements every 20 seconds when in motion.

Strong Magnetic Mounting: Equipped with 8 built-in magnets, requiring significant force (over 23 kgs) to dislodge, providing a secure and discreet installation on metal surfaces. Designed with strong magnets for easy attachment to the chassis of the car or any metal surface, eliminating the need for installation.

Smart Sleep Mode: Conserves power by entering sleep mode when stationary for more than 5 minutes, extending the tracker's battery life.

3D Real Scenes on the Map: Provides the ability to view 3D real scenes on the map, enhancing the visualization of the tracked vehicle's surroundings.

GPS & GLONASS: Utilizes both GPS and GLONASS satellite networks for accurate and reliable tracking.

Free Lifetime Tracking: No subscription or annual fees are required. The device includes a free web tracking platform and app for users to monitor the tracked vehicle.

Rechargeable Battery: Features a rechargeable battery with a USB universal interface for convenient and easy charging.

Highly Modular Design: Offers a modular design, providing flexibility and adaptability to different use cases and scenarios.

Ultra-Large Capacity Battery: Features a 10000mAh/ 15000mAh/ 22000mAh/ 30000mAh battery for continuous usage, providing extended operating times of 180 hours/ 270 hours/360 hours/ 540 hours respectively.

IP65 Waterproof Design: Withstands water exposure with an IP65 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in rainy or wet conditions.

Dustproof Design: Face any weather condition head-on with a tracker designed to withstand both water and dust, providing durability and reliability.

Effortless Installation (H209 Model): Experience simplicity in installation with the H209 model's strong magnetic design, ensuring a secure attachment to your vehicle.

Professional Positioning Product: Positioned as a professional product with powerful functions and stable performance, suitable for a variety of tracking and monitoring applications.

This Advanced 4G Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker is a sophisticated solution for tracking and monitoring assets, offering convenience, accuracy, and versatility in its operation. Its integration of 4G technology and GPS satellites makes it a robust and efficient tool for various tracking applications.



  • Model: H209
  • Network: 4G Only
  • Antenna: Built in
  • 10000mAh Device Size: 105mm x 55mm x 25mm
  • 15000mAh Device Size: 125mm x 75mm x 30mm
  • 22000mAH Device Size: 125mm x 75mm x 40mm
  • 30000mAH Device Size: 125mm x 75mm x 45mm
  • 15000mAH/22000mAh/30000mAh Device Package: 1x GPS Tracker, 1x USB Cable, 1x Power Adapter, 1x User Manual
  • 10000mAH Device Package: 1x GPS Tracker, 1x USB Cable, 1x User Manual
  • Bundle Description: Please choose what model you need
  • Current: 60mA (12V DC) -35mA (24V DC)
  • Free Lifetime Tracking: No subscription and No Annual fees
  • History Route Playback: Easily view location history from up to 90 days ago
  • Installation Mode: Strong Magnetic Installation
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃ - 70℃
  • Position Accuracy: Autonomous <10m CEP
  • Real Time Tracking: Tracks every 20 seconds when moving
  • Strong Magnetic Mounting: lt has 8 built-in magnets
  • Universal Fit for: Car, Boat, Caravan, Bike, Motorcycle, Ute
  • Waterproof Level: IP65
  • Working Voltage: 3.7V-4.2V

To provide you with more detailed instructions on configuring the 4G GPS Real Time Tracker, please refer to this link below:

Ensure the safety of your vehicle with our 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker. Available in 10000mAH, 15000mAH, 22000mAH, and 30000mAH variants, this tracker guarantees real-time tracking, overspeed and shake alarms, and lifetime map and traffic updates. Its strong magnetic mounting and waterproof and dustproof features make it suitable for cars, boats, caravans, bikes, motorcycles, and utes. The package includes a USB cable, user manual, and charge adapter (for 15000mAH/22000mAh/30000mAh variants). The H209 model is easy to install with its strong magnetic installation, and tracks every 20 seconds when moving. You can view location history up to 90 days ago with the history route playback feature. No subscription or annual fees are required for free lifetime tracking.


  • 1 x GPS Tracker
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Power Adapter (AU PLUG)

  • 1 x GPS Tracker
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual



  • Compatible with 4G networks; use a 4G-supported SIM card.
  • Disable the PIN Code and Voice Mail Box.
  • Enable Internet Traffic Data, Call, and SMS service on the SIM.
  • Set up the APN first if the device displays "Not Enabled."


  • Q: Monthly Cost?
  • A: No subscription or annual fees.
  • Q: Tracking Frequency?
  • A: Every 20 seconds when moving (can be adjusted)
  • Q: What is a Geo-fence?
  • A: A virtual boundary that notifies when the device leaves or enters
  • Q: Can I Track Multiple Devices?
  • A: Yes, multiple devices can be tracked on the phone app.


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