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3 in 1 Apple Peeler Slicer Kitchen Tool Slinky Machine Fruit Slicer Cutter Corer

3 in 1 Apple Peeler Slicer Kitchen Tool Slinky Machine Fruit Slicer Cutter Corer

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Slice, Peel, and Core Your Apple!🍎

Are you tired of spending endless hours in the kitchen, painstakingly peeling, coring, and slicing apples for your favourite recipes? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to efficiency with the Apple Peeler! This ingenious kitchen gadget is not just for apples—it's a versatile tool that transforms the way you prepare pies, applesauce, dried fruit snacks, and so much more. Let's dive into how this powerhouse of a tool can revolutionize your cooking experience.

Versatile Usage 🥧🍏🍐🥔: The Apple Peeler is the ultimate kitchen assistant, perfect for creating delicious pies, applesauce, and homemade dried fruit snacks. Its versatility extends beyond apples to include pears and potatoes, making it a go-to tool for a variety of recipes.

Effortless Operation 🔄🍎: Designed for ease of use, this machine peeler simplifies your kitchen prep work. Say goodbye to tedious hand-peeling sessions; with just a few simple steps, you can peel, core, and slice fruits effortlessly.

Quick Cleanup 🧼🚿: Cleaning up after use is a breeze with the Apple Peeler. Its straightforward design ensures that you spend less time on post-cooking chores and more time enjoying your culinary creations.

Enhanced Efficiency ⏩🍴: Speed up your cooking process for pies, breads, salads, sauces, and canning projects with this efficient machine peeler. It streamlines the preparation of ingredients, allowing you to focus on the joy of cooking.

Adjustable Blade 🔪✂️: Customise your slicing and coring preferences with the Apple Peeler's adjustable blade. Whether you want perfectly peeled apples or slices with the peel intact, this tool offers flexibility to suit your needs.

Ease of Use for Everyone 🤲🏼👵🏼👴🏼: The Apple Peeler is a fantastic option for individuals with constantly trembling hands or limited dexterity. Its user-friendly design makes it far easier to use than a traditional knife or potato peeler, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable cooking experience.

3-in-1 Functionality 🍏✨🔪: Why settle for separate tools when the Apple Peeler can do it all? In a matter of seconds, it peels, cores, and slices apples (or other fruits) simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

Stainless Steel Blades ⚙️🔩: Crafted with durable stainless steel blades, this peeler is built to last. It effortlessly tackles potatoes, pears, and apples with precision and ease, guaranteeing consistent results every time.

Perfect for Fruit Lovers 🍇🍓🍊: Whether you're preparing a fruit salad, a refreshing applesauce, or a decorative fruit garnish, the Apple Peeler is your trusty companion. It ensures that your fruits are prepped to perfection, ready to be enjoyed in various culinary creations.

A Must-Have for Home Cooks 🏡👩‍🍳👨‍🍳: For those who love to cook and bake, the Apple Peeler is a must-have kitchen gadget. It simplifies the often laborious task of peeling, coring, and slicing, allowing you to focus on the creative and enjoyable aspects of cooking.

So why wait? Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and precision of the Apple Peeler today. Slice, peel, and core with ease, and elevate your dishes to new heights. Revolutionise your cooking experience and savor the delicious results that this innovative tool brings to your table.

Unlock a world of possibilities with the Apple Peeler—it's time to transform the way you cook! Discover the joy of effortless fruit preparation, perfectly peeled apples, and delightful culinary creations. Get your Apple Peeler now and embark on a culinary adventure like never before!


  1. Simply place the apple on the three-pronged fork.
  2. Rotate the handle to peel, core, and slice the apple in one easy action.
  3. Adjustable blades for peeling, slicing, and coring. (Note: All blades are adjustable, allowing you to core and slice the apple, or remove the corer and slicer blade for a perfectly peeled apple.)
  4. Enamelled steel body with stainless steel cutters.
  5. The strong levered suction base securely holds it to just about any smooth kitchen surface.


  • Type: Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Red
  • Adjustable Blade: Used for Slicing and Coring without Peeling
  • 3-in-1 Function: Peels, cores, and slices apples in seconds
  • Package Content: 1 x Fruit Cutter

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