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51/53/58mm Coffee Aluminum Dosing Ring Tamper Powder Espresso Funnel Breville

51/53/58mm Coffee Aluminum Dosing Ring Tamper Powder Espresso Funnel Breville

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Precision in Every Pour: Elevate Your Espresso Experience with Our High-Quality Aluminum Dosing Ring and Funnel Combo!


Welcome to the world of elevated espresso craftsmanship, where every aromatic pour is a symphony of precision and flavour. Introducing our high-quality Aluminum Dosing Ring and Funnel Combo, meticulously crafted for discerning coffee aficionados who demand nothing but the best from their espresso experience.


Elevate your coffee game with our Coffee Dosing Ring! Crafted with precision and passion, this 51/53/58mm tool makes tamping and dosing a breeze. Enjoy consistently delicious espresso shots with our high-quality and stylish funnel. Upgrade your home barista set-up and impress your guests with professional-level coffee!







No Mess, No Waste: The powder espresso funnel guides coffee grounds precisely into the portafilter, eliminating spills and wastage, guaranteeing a clean and efficient operation.

Perfect Espresso Extraction: Contributes to the necessary conditions for extracting the perfect espresso. Acts as a good helper in achieving optimal espresso quality.

☕Improves Espresso Quality: Using this accessory can help improve the quality of your espresso by ensuring that the coffee grounds are distributed and tamped uniformly, reducing the risk of under-extraction or over-extraction.

High Quality Material: It's made of aluminum, which is a durable and lightweight material commonly used for coffee accessories due to its resistance to corrosion and heat.

Dosing Ring: The dosing ring is a circular attachment that fits snugly onto the portafilter of your Breville espresso machine. It helps to distribute the coffee grounds evenly, ensuring a consistent and level bed of coffee for better extraction.



Powder Espresso Funnel: It helps guide coffee grounds into the portafilter without spillage or wastage, ensuring a clean and mess-free operation. It also assists in creating a uniform distribution of coffee grounds in the portafilter, preventing any clumps or uneven distribution that can lead to channeling during extraction.



Compatibility: This accessory is specifically designed for Breville espresso machines. It's essential to ensure that it fits your machine model correctly, as different machines may have slightly varying portafilter sizes.


Ease of Use: The dosing ring funnel make it easier for baristas or home espresso enthusiasts to dose and tamp coffee grounds consistently. This can lead to more reliable and repeatable espresso shots.


Easy to Clean: The aluminum material is easy to clean, typically requiring a simple rinse or wipe-down after use. Some components may also be dishwasher-safe for added convenience.




A Necessary Tool for Coffee Lovers: 

Considered an essential accessory for serious coffee enthusiasts. Aids in achieving the perfect coffee by ensuring proper filling of the pressure channel.




Dive into the realm of convenience, consistency, and improved extraction as we explore the exceptional features that make this accessory a game-changer for both baristas and home espresso enthusiasts alike. Discover how this dynamic duo, forged from durable aluminum, transforms your brewing ritual into a seamless and delightful journey toward the perfect cup of espresso.








  • Item type: Dosing ring
  • Material: High Quality Aluminium
  • Colour: Silver, Black, Gold or Rose Gold
  • Suitable for: 51/53/58mm profilters like Breville
  • Compatible Brand: For Aeropress, For Baratza, For Bialetti, For Bosch, For Braun, For Cuisinart, For De'Longhi, For Dualit, For Espro, For Keuring, For Krups, For Miele, For Nespresso, For Portafilter


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