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LCD Digital Room Thermometer Hygrometer For Indoor Temperature & Humidity Tester

LCD Digital Room Thermometer Hygrometer For Indoor Temperature & Humidity Tester

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Upgrade Your Indoor Comfort: Precision Monitoring with our LCD Digital Room Thermometer Hygrometer!

Introducing the LCD Digital Room Thermometer Hygrometer – a compact and versatile device designed to provide accurate and real-time monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity. With a host of features tailored for user convenience, this thermometer hygrometer is an essential tool for maintaining a comfortable and healthy living or working environment!

Our LCD Digital Room Thermometer Hygrometer comes with several features that makes it a useful tool for monitoring indoor temperature and humidity!


🏠Versatile Use: Suitable for indoor environments, allowing you to monitor the temperature and humidity of rooms, offices, or other enclosed spaces.

Precision: The device offers high precision in both temperature and humidity measurements, enhancing its reliability.

⚙️User-Friendly: Simple and intuitive interface for easy operation and quick readings.

🌐Wide Temperature Range: The thermometer covers a broad temperature range, from -50°C to +70°C, making it suitable for various climates and conditions.

🔋 Energy-Efficient: The use of LR44 button batteries is a common and efficient power solution for small electronic devices.

🔄 Applications: Ideal for use in homes, offices, greenhouses, and other environments where monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity are important.

Enhance your surroundings and take control of your indoor comfort with our LCD Digital Room Thermometer Hygrometer. Stay ahead of temperature and humidity fluctuations, ensuring a healthier and more pleasant environment for you and your loved ones. Invest in precision, invest in comfort – because when it comes to your space, every degree and percentage matters. Make the smart choice today and experience a new level of control and well-being with our advanced thermometer hygrometer. Your comfort, your space – redefined!


    LCD dimension: 3.6 x 1.7cm (approx.)

      • Provides clear and easy-to-read information on both temperature and humidity.


        • Overall dimensions: 4.8 x 3 x 1.6cm (approx.)
        • The compact size makes it convenient for placing in various indoor locations.

          POWER SOURCE:

            • Powered by: 2 x 1.5V button LR44 batteries (Not included)
            • The use of button batteries makes it easy to replace when needed.


                • Measuring humidity range: 10%RH-99%RH
                • Humidity accuracy: ±5%
                • Humidity display resolution: 1% RH

                    TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT:

                      • Measuring temperature range: -50°C to +70°C (Degrees Celsius)
                      • Temperature accuracy: ±1
                      • Temperature display resolution: 0.1


                          Whether you're concerned about the indoor climate of your living space or aiming to optimize conditions in a specific environment, our LCD Digital Room Thermometer Hygrometer provides the precision and functionality needed for effective temperature and humidity management. Its versatile applications, reliable measurements, and user-friendly design make it an indispensable tool for creating and maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor atmosphere.


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