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Finger Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Saturation & Heart Rate Monitor

Finger Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Saturation & Heart Rate Monitor

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⚙️ Unlock Vital Insights: Elevate Health Monitoring with Our Precision Finger Pulse Oximeter! ⚕️🔍

In the pursuit of optimal well-being, having accurate and immediate insights into your vital health metrics is paramount. Step into a new era of health monitoring with our Finger Pulse Oximeter. This device is not just a tool; it's a gateway to understanding and empowering your health journey.

🔍 Key Highlights:

🌟 Easy to Read, Easy to Understand: Immerse yourself in the clarity of a large-font digital display. With low power indication and intuitive bar graphs for Sp02, PR, and Pulse Rate, tracking changes in blood oxygen saturation and heart rate has never been more straightforward.

🎯 Accurate And Reliable Monitoring: Trust in precision with the ability to accurately determine your Sp02 levels, pulse rate, and pulse strength. Feel confident in the reliability of your health data.

🏃‍♂️ For Sports and Health Enthusiasts: Tailored for the active lifestyle! Ideal for sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, or anyone keen on monitoring Sp02 and pulse rate during physical activities.

☀️ Special Shading for Any Environment: After a special shading treatment, our oximeter maintains its readability even in high-light intensity environments, ensuring accurate readings wherever you go.

📊 PI Indicator for Blood Flow Insights: The Perfusion Index (PI) indicates the amount of blood flow being measured by the oximeter. It goes beyond basic metrics, providing insights into blood flow changes that may be crucial for health monitoring.

🔄 Multi-Direction Display for Your Convenience: Enjoy a rotatable multidirectional display that caters to your preferences. With 4 directions and 6 modes, view your health metrics comfortably in any orientation.

🔋 Automatic Shutdown for Energy Efficiency: Experience hassle-free power management with an automatic shutdown feature. Eight seconds after removing your finger, the oximeter conserves energy by shutting down automatically.

👌 Comfortable Wear for Precise Measurements: Feel the difference with a built-in soft and comfortable silicone finger mold. No need to press hard on the fingertip – ensuring accurate measurements with utmost comfort.

🌐 Your Health, Your Control: Empower yourself with a pulse oximeter that not only monitors but also enhances your understanding of your vital health metrics. Experience accuracy, comfort, and style – because your health deserves the best! 💙


Patient Range: Adult and Children

SpO2 : 

              Measurement range: 70% - 100%

              Resolution: ±1%

              Measurement accuracy: 80% - 99%: ±2% | 70% - 79%: ±3% | ≤69%: No definition

Pulse Rate: 

                      Measurement range: 30 - 250bpm

                      Resolution: ±1bpm

                      Measurement accuracy: 30 - 99bpm: ±2bpm | 100 - 250bpm: ±2%


                 Type: Digital OLED and LED Display

                 Parameters: SpO2, PR, Pulse bar, Waveform

                 Mode: 4 display orientations (Press power button for switch display direction)

Alarm:  Battery-low indicator

Mechanical - Dimension: 60mm(L)x32mm(W)x30mm(H),Weight: 60g (No including batteries)

Battery (Including) - Two AAA 1.5V, 600mAh alkaline batteries could be continuously operated as long as 24 hours.


                            Operation Temperature: 5°C - 40°C

                            Storage Temperature: -20°C- 55°C

                            Operation Humidity: ≤80%, no condensation

                            Storage Humidity: ≤93%, no condensation

                            Atmosphere pressure: 86kPa - 106kPa

Measurement Performance in Low Perfusion Condition :

Required to test equipment (BIO-TEK INDEX Pulse Oximeter tester) the pulse wave is available without failure when the simulation pulse wave amplitude is at 0.6%.

Interference Resistance Capacity against Ambient Light :

Device works normally when mixed noise produced by BIO-TEK INDEX Pulse Oximeter tester.




1x Finger Pulse Oximeter

2 x AAA Batteries

1x Manual

1x Lanyard


 Embark on a journey where health insights are at your fingertips. The Finger Pulse Oximeter is more than a device; it's a companion in your pursuit of a healthier, more informed lifestyle. Your health, your control – because you deserve the best! 💙🌐


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