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New Chicken Feeder Poultry Pro Feeder DIY Port PVC Gravity Fed

New Chicken Feeder Poultry Pro Feeder DIY Port PVC Gravity Fed

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Revolutionise Your Poultry Care! 🐔🐓

Are you tired of the daily chore of feeding your flock? Imagine a world where your chickens are fed automatically, efficiently, and with minimal mess. Introducing the ultimate solution for poultry enthusiasts: the Outdoor Chicken Feeder! This innovative feeder is designed to make your life easier while keeping your feathered friends happy and healthy.


🛠️Easy Installation: Requires only a 80mm hole saw to install, allowing for quick setup.

🐔Flexible Port Options: Comes with options for 4/6/8/12 chicken feeding ports, providing flexibility based on your needs.

🪣Versatile Usage: Suitable for use with both 5-gallon buckets and larger boxes, offering versatility in feeder size.

🌧️Waterproof Design: The PVC water hose feeder is designed to be waterproof, ensuring that the feed remains dry inside.

🔒Connection Seal: Equipped with a connection seal to prevent water from getting inside, maintaining dry feed for the chickens.

⚖️Gravity Operation: Functions as a gravity automatic chicken feeder, ensuring continuous feeding for your poultry.

🚫Reduced Spillage: Compared to traditional chicken feeders, this feeder is designed to reduce spillage and mess.

☔️Rainproof Cover: The PVC pipe feeder comes with a rainproof cover, further protecting the feed from the elements.

🌾Efficient Feeding: Provides an efficient way to feed chickens with minimal waste, promoting a cleaner feeding environment.

⏱️Quick Assembly: Allows for the creation of an outdoor chicken feeder in minutes, making it a convenient option for poultry owners.

Make the switch to the Outdoor Chicken Feeder today and say goodbye to the hassle of manual feeding! Enjoy more time with your flock  and less time cleaning up messes. Invest in the future of your poultry care with this economical and practical solution. Your chickens will thank you with healthier, happier clucks. Don't wait any longer—step into a new era of poultry care with the Outdoor Chicken Feeder! 🐓🐔🌿


  • Type: Chicken Feeder Port
  • Material: PP + stainless steel + silica gel
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 9cm in diameter, 14cm in length
  • Package Size: 24 * 21 * 9cm
  • Weights:
    • 740g (4 ports + 1 swivel)
    • 900g (6 ports + 1 swivel)
    • 1480g (8 ports + 2 swivel)
    • 1800g (12 ports + 2 swivel)

Package Included:

  • 4 * Chicken Feeder
  • 1 * Hole Saw (Red)


  • 6 * Chicken Feeder
  • 1 * Hole Saw (Red)


  • 8 * Chicken Feeder
  • 2 * Hole Saw (Red)


  • 12 * Chicken Feeder
  • 2 * Hole Saw (Red)


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