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Panasonic Battery Button Coin Cell Lithium Battery CR1220 CR1616 CR1620 CR1632 CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 CR2430 CR2450

Panasonic Battery Button Coin Cell Lithium Battery CR1220 CR1616 CR1620 CR1632 CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 CR2430 CR2450

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Power Your Everyday Devices with Confidence!📱

In today's fast-paced world, reliable power for our everyday devices is essential. Whether it's your remote control, car key fob, kitchen scale, or Christmas lights, you need batteries that you can depend on. Panasonic Button Coin Cell Lithium Batteries are designed to meet these demands, providing long-lasting performance, ease of use, and safety. Discover why these batteries are the perfect choice for powering your household gadgets and more.


Device Compatible: The batteries can be used in everyday household devices such as remote controls, toys, scales, car keys, key fobs, calculators, remote controls, dog collars, kitchen scales, scales, LED candles, laser pointers, e-readers, Christmas lighting, etc. 📱🧸🔑📏🔢🐶🍳🕯️📚🎄

Long Lasting: Long-lasting, reliable battery life; performs in extreme temperatures. ⏳❄️🔥

Easy Use And Storage: Easy to open and store extras for later. 📦🔒

Easy To Identify: Engraved with battery model for quick identification. 🔍🔢

When it comes to powering your essential devices, don't settle for less. Panasonic Button Coin Cell Lithium Batteries offer unparalleled reliability, longevity, and convenience. With their easy identification, child-resistant packaging, and ability to perform in extreme temperatures, these batteries are the smart choice for any household. Trust Panasonic to keep your life running smoothly, one battery at a time. Choose Panasonic Button Coin Cell Batteries and power your everyday devices with confidence.



  • Type: Coin/Button Cell
  • Battery Type: CR-Type
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Chemical Composition: Lithium
  • Battery Size: Coin Battery
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Coin/Button Cell Sub-Type: CR1220/CR1616/CR1620/CR1632/CR2016/CR2025/2032/2430/2450
  • Applications:  Remote Controls, Heart Rate Monitor, Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Car Security Alarm, Key less Car Remotes, Organizers, Glucometer, Photo MicroLites, Computer Equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS, Motherboards, Garage Door Controls, Toys, Communication Equipment, Pocket Stations, AbTronics, Dream cast VMUs, data pack for video cameras, and other devices that requires this battery size

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