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Push Up Bar Handle Stand Grip For Home Fitness Exercise Workout

Push Up Bar Handle Stand Grip For Home Fitness Exercise Workout

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Maximise Your Workout for Home Fitness Excellence! 💪

Are you ready to take your fitness routine to the next level? Say goodbye to ordinary push-ups and hello to a revolutionised workout experience with the Push Up Bar Handle! This innovative fitness equipment is designed to elevate your exercise regimen with its array of impressive features. From comfort and stability to versatility and portability, this tool has it all. Let's dive into the incredible benefits that await you!


💪 Comfortable Handle: Designed for your comfort, this handle provides sturdy support, ensuring durability through every intense session. Feel the difference as you push towards your fitness goals!

🚫 Non-slip Base: Say goodbye to distractions! Stay grounded and focused with a non-slip base that keeps you steady and secure, preventing any unwanted slipping or sliding.

🏋️‍♂️ Multiple Functions: Don't settle for ordinary workouts! Target and strengthen multiple muscle groups including your chest, shoulders, triceps, and back effortlessly. Achieve a full-body burn with every push-up!

🌟 Portable and Lightweight: Your fitness journey shouldn't be limited by location. This bar handle is your compact companion, ready to travel with you anywhere – whether it's at home, the gym, during travels, or even in the office. Keep the gains going, no matter where life takes you!

🔄 Ergonomic Design: Say goodbye to wrist strain! The push-type handle design is here to enhance your workout effectiveness by reducing pressure on your wrists. Experience smoother movements and improved results with every rep.

Ready to take charge of your fitness journey? The Push Up Bar Handle is the perfect tool to help you reach new heights in your workouts. With its comfortable handle, non-slip base, versatile functions, portability, and ergonomic design, you'll find yourself pushing boundaries and achieving more than ever before. Elevate your home fitness game today and experience the difference! 💪🔥


Material: ABS + PP + PVC + steel
Maximum load capacity: 660lbs
Colour: Green, Blue, Red, Orange
Packing List: 1 pair of Push-up Stand

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