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Smart Punching Boxing Electronic Music Machine Home Training Bluetooth

Smart Punching Boxing Electronic Music Machine Home Training Bluetooth

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Knock Out Your Workout Goals!

Unleash your inner champion and transform your workout routine with the Smart Punching Boxing machine. Designed to elevate your fitness journey, this innovative device combines the power of music, precision engineering, and durability to deliver a knockout performance every time. Picture yourself in the ring, punching to the rhythm of your favourite tracks, as stress melts away and determination takes over. With its intelligent Bluetooth connectivity, sturdy construction, and versatile mounting options, the Smart Punching Boxing machine is your ticket to a fun, effective, and exhilarating workout experience.

Intelligent Bluetooth Connection:

🎶 Easily connect your phone to the boxing machine via Bluetooth.
🎧 Play your favourite tracks from your smartphone or music player to keep you motivated during your workout.
🕺 Sync with your music playlist to punch to the beat and rhythm, making your workout more enjoyable and effective.

Various Wall-Mount Methods:

🔩 Drill into your wall: For a permanent and secure installation.
🪚 Velcro to your wall: Offering a semi-permanent option that allows for easy removal if needed.
🔌 Stick to your wall: Utilize adhesive backing for a convenient, no-drill installation.

Simple to Use:

🎮 User-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, allowing you to focus on your workout without any hassle.
🔄 Easily adjust settings and switch between modes to customize your boxing experience.

Durable and Sturdy:

💪 Built to withstand rigorous workouts and intense punching sessions.
🛠️ Made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability, providing you with a reliable fitness companion.

Train and Tone Your Body:

🥊 Practice your boxing techniques, improve your reflexes, and build strength and endurance.
💃 Incorporate boxing into your fitness routine to target various muscle groups and achieve a full-body workout.

Stress Relief and Mood Enhancement:

😤 Punch away stress and tension after a long day, using boxing as a therapeutic outlet.
😄 Boost your mood and energy levels with an engaging and enjoyable workout experience.

USB Charging:

🔌 Conveniently recharge your Smart Punching Boxing machine using a standard USB connection.
🔋 Charge from a wall charger, power bank, laptop, or any other compatible charging port for versatility and ease of use.

Step into your fitness arena and take charge of your goals with the Smart Punching Boxing machine by your side. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve agility, or simply unleash some pent-up energy, this sleek and powerful device has got you covered. So, charge it up with the included USB cable, sync your playlist, and let the punches fly. With each jab, hook, and uppercut, you'll feel stronger, more energised, and ready to conquer anything that comes your way. Get ready to punch to the beat of success—Smart Punching Boxing is here to help you achieve greatness, one punch at a time!


  • Material: PE (Polyethylene) + PU (Polyurethane)
  • Length of USB Charging Cable: 100cm
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 7.5cm (Diameter x Depth)
  • Colour: Black

  • 1 x Smart Music Punching Box
  • 1 x Steel frame (with 4 x screw)
  • 4 x Velcro
  • 1 x USB charge
  • 1 x Instruction kit

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