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VOICE CONTROL TV Remote for Sony Bravia Universal Replacement Smart Netflix LCD/LED

VOICE CONTROL TV Remote for Sony Bravia Universal Replacement Smart Netflix LCD/LED

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Upgrade Your TV Experience: Seamless Pairing, Superior Quality, and Voice Control for an Unmatched Entertainment Journey! 📱


Welcome to a new era of television control and convenience with our Sony Bravia Voice Remote! Elevate your TV experience to new heights as we introduce a remote designed not just for control, but for an immersive and user-friendly journey through your favorite entertainment. 

Experience the epitome of high-quality design, with keys that are not just sensitive but attuned to your every command. The ergonomic build guarantees a comfortable hold, making your TV time an absolute pleasure!


🗣️Voice Control Feature: Once paired, the voice control feature unlocks a new level of interaction with your TV. Command your TV with your voice, adding a layer of convenience and modernity to your entertainment setup.

🔋Battery Included: No need to worry about hunting down the right batteries. Our Voice Control Sony Bravia TV remote comes with the batteries included. Unbox, pair, and you're ready to go!

🔍User-Intuitive Design: Even without a manual, the remote is designed to be user-intuitive. Accessing features and functions is straightforward, ensuring you can make the most of your TV without the need for extensive guidance.

🚫No Programming Required: Unlike some remotes that need tedious programming, our remote simplifies the process. Pairing is all you need to do to get it up and running.

🗣️Voice Control Setup in TV Settings: Activating the voice control feature is as simple as navigating to the settings on your Sony Bravia TV. No additional steps or complex procedures, just a straightforward setup process.

📲Effortless Pairing: Pairing your remote with the TV is a breeze, enhancing your overall experience. Enjoy the convenience of a remote that effortlessly connects with your Sony Bravia TV for seamless control.

📺Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with a range of Sony Bravia TVs, ensuring widespread compatibility and ease of use across various models.

📱Sleek and Modern Design: The remote boasts a sleek and modern design, adding a touch of sophistication to your entertainment space.

Say goodbye to the ordinary and welcome a remote that goes beyond expectations. Our Sony Bravia Voice Remote isn't just a remote, it's your ticket to a smarter, more intuitive TV experience. Join the future of entertainment control – pair, play, and immerse yourself in a world where your TV obeys your every command. Upgrade today and redefine the way you connect with your Sony Bravia TV!


Compatible TV Models:

KD-43X8000H, KD-49X8000H, KD-55A8H, KD-55X8000H, KD-55X8500G, KD-55X9000H,

KD-55X9500G, KD-55X9500H, KD-65A8H, KD-65X8000H, KD-65X8500G, KD-65X9000H,

KD-65X9500G, KD-65X9500H, KD-75X8000H, KD-75X8500G, KD-75X9000H, KD-75X9500G, KD-75X9500H, KD-85X8000H, KD-85X8500G, KD-85X9000H, KD-85X9500G, KD43X8000H, KD49X8000H, KD55A8H, KD55X8000H, KD55X8500G, KD55X9000H, KD55X9500G, KD55X9500H, KD65A8H, KD65X8000H, KD65X8500G, KD65X9000H, KD65X9500G, KD65X9500H, KD75X8000H, KD75X8500G, KD75X9000H, KD75X9500G, KD75X9500H, KD85X8000H, KD85X8500G, KD85X9000H, KD85X9500G,

A8H Series, X85G Series, X95G Series, X8000 Series, X8500 Series, X9000 Series, X9500 Series 


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