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Wireless Controller Gamepad For Nintendo Switch Joy Con Left + Right - Lightning Pikachu with LED

Wireless Controller Gamepad For Nintendo Switch Joy Con Left + Right - Lightning Pikachu with LED

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Experience Seamless Gaming Bliss!

Embark on a gaming journey without limits, where simplicity meets innovation. Introducing a console controller that redefines convenience and ease of use. Say goodbye to tangled wires, complicated setups, and interruptions. This controller is designed to seamlessly integrate with your gaming experience, offering a range of features that enhance every moment of play. Let's delve into a world where connection, charging, and gameplay are as smooth as a winning streak.

These controllers aren't just your average replacements – they're a powerhouse of features designed to enhance every gaming session.

No Infrared Photo and NFC Support: 🔴📷🚫📶 Conveniently use the game controller without the need for infrared photo or NFC functionality, allowing for a simplified user experience.

Easy Controller Connection and Charging: 🎮🔗🔋 Seamlessly connect the console controller to the main console by inserting them into the designated slots on both sides. Enjoy the reassuring locking sound and on-screen prompts that indicate successful connection. The console automatically recognizes and pairs with the controllers upon insertion.

Bluetooth-Compatible: 🔄🎮💙 Effortlessly disconnect a paired Bluetooth-Compatible controller by pressing the sync button of the gaming controller on the rail. Enter sleep mode when disconnected, conserving battery power. Easily reconnect the controller to Bluetooth-Compatible by long-pressing the sync button for three seconds. The player number indicator LEDs will light up in a running pattern, and any button press (except 3D buttons) reactivates and reconnects the controller.

Simple Bluetooth-Compatible Pairing: 🎮🔗💙 Detach both controllers from the main console by unlocking and removing them carefully. Once detached, the controllers automatically enter Bluetooth-Compatible pairing mode. Experience a brief vibration and see the player number LEDs stop running and illuminate accordingly, indicating the assigned Bluetooth-Compatible channel. The main console screen displays four small squares to represent each connected controller, with the lit squares matching the player number LEDs. Enjoy wireless gameplay within a normal range of 8 to 10 meters.

Enhanced Gaming Features: 🎮🔥 Although lacking infrared camera imaging, the product ensures uninterrupted gaming experiences even when obstructed. Amiibo functionalities using NFC are not supported, such as equipment scanning in games like for Zelda. The mobile game controller does not include features like digital motor function and HD vibration (sound output). However, it still provides an exceptional gaming experience with precise control and enjoyable gameplay mechanics.

Experience gaming like never before - where setup is a breeze, connectivity is seamless, and the focus is solely on what you love: playing. Embrace the future of gaming with a controller that simplifies, enhances, and elevates every moment. Unleash the power of effortless gaming - because when the controller fades into the background, the adventure truly begins.


  • Type: Gamepads
  • Certification: None
  • Compatible Platform: for Nintendo Switch
  • Trigger Button Type: Linear
  • Applicable host: for Switch host
  • Interface Method: Slide rail
  • Product Size (Single Handle): 100.00x35.00x20.00mm
  • Product Weight (Single Handle): About 50g


  1. The Controller is produced by third-party factories, Not Original.
  2. Amiible function of NFC is not supported. This means that equipment brushing is not possible in Zelda games.
  3. It has no infrared camera imaging function. For example, when playing robot dog games, the front will be blocked by the hand, and the robot dog will not get close to the hand and will not stop when it reaches the position. 
  4. In robot dog games, it does not support adjusting the frequency of the digital code to achieve the maximum resonance point of the motor, but to achieve a large thrust, change the frequency and change the vibration strength to achieve the turning function of the robot dog. 
  5. The handle sound function is not supported in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe edition.
  6. The controller can be charged on the console, but charging will stop when the console is in sleep mode.

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